The Low Ticket Starter Kit For ONLY $27

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AND you can start making sales Day 1 by STEALING one of our Proven Low Ticket Products, The EXACT Landing Page, Copy and Ads :)

Here's My Business 3 Years Ago NOT Running Low Ticket Offers...

Here's My Business 4 Months After Applying The Low Ticket Starter Kit

AND Here's YEARS Later Building an $12.6M Marketing Empire Running Low Ticket -> High Ticket


💸 Creating an Ecosystem of Buyers, NOT Freebie-Seeking "Moneyless" People Who Message You and Have No Money (These People Are Buyers, NOT Tire Kickers)

💸 Creating an Email List of Buyers Is BETTER Than Webinar Opt-ins, Free PDF Opt-ins and EVEN Booked Calls. These Prospects Have Swiped Their Card and That's The HIGHEST Qualification in ANY Niche.

💸 On The Backend, Get Higher Quality Booked Calls of People Who Are ALREADY Buyers, Have Higher Show Rates, and CLOSE MORE HIGH TICKET DEALS.

💸 We've Personally Used Low Ticket to Get 23,700+ Buyers and Close $12.62M Online Cash Collected 👇


✅ E-Commerce

✅ Local/Brick N' Mortar

✅ Real Estate

✅ Social Media Marketing/PR

✅ Insurance

✅ Professional Services

✅ Business-To-Business

✅ Coaching

✅ Health/Fitness/Sports

✅ Finance/Trading

✅ Artists/Musicians

✅ Influencers/Personal Branding

✅ SaaS

AND... even MORE!

Here's MORE Proof Below Where We Currently Get HUNDREDS of Low Ticket Buyers In Our Very Own Business Every... Single... Day

In The Last 3 Months, We Scaled This Low Ticket Offer to 670k in Tracked Revenue and Had a Backend High Ticket ROAS of 4+

In The First 30 Days, My Client With ZERO Following Launched his Low Ticket and Did $197k...

Here's Another Low Ticket Offer, We Even Used For a Local Gym That TRIPLED His Gym Sign-Ups Within 3 Short Months...

And Here's How Selling Low Ticket is Changing Businesses Around The Globe Every Single Month:

Michael Who Grabbed Our Starter Kit, Worked More Closely With Jason and Grew His Stock Trading Group To 600+ Monthly-Paying Members:

Greg Who Was New To E-commerce and Ads, and Just By Implementing This Starter Kit and Coaching With jason, He Got his First Two Sales After Getting Access:

Brittany Who Had An E-Book Low Ticket Funnel That Was Struggling, Copied Our Low Ticket Starter Kit Funnel and Is Now Driving CHEAPER Qualified Traffic To Her Funnel and It's Now Profitable:

Bob Beckett Who Created TWO Low Ticket Offers For His Two Companies That Scaled To 1M Each and Received (2) Two-Comma Club Awards From ClickFunnels...

"Jason Booked My Calendar With 108 Qualified Appointments In The First 48 Hours When Her Low Ticket Funnel Went Live. It Usually Takes Me a Whole Month To Do This Myself and This Did It In 2 Days."

"Jason Has Been Great. We Just Doubled Our Biggest Month and Were Only 25 Days In. The Best $27 and More Now With His Coaching We've EVER SPENT Haha."

Here's How Selling Low Ticket Changed My Life Quickly:

In 2020, I was struggling to get my business past 10k a month...

I was sleeping on the floor of a college house in Orlando, FL...

(And I still have that very whiteboard behind me in that photo to this VERY DAY haha)

And I was doing all this cold outreach.

Waking up every day and always had the same worry.

"Where was my next customer, lead or sales call going to come from."

Then I wound up going to an event in Dallas, Texas where they were talking about low ticket offers...

And an idea sparked in my head.

"I'm in the ad space so I should sell like ad templates or video scripts or something to get business owners to buy, commit then upsell them high ticket on the backend."

I didn't even go to Day 3 of the event.

Flew home early.

Got to work.

And released my Famous 100 Ad Templates that took over the internet and took me from a measly $5k a month

I started getting 25 buyers a day.

50 buyers a day.

100 buyers a day.

And at it's PEAK, 162 buyers a day.

**and as you can see on the proof above, I 3x my revevenue in a matter of 4 weeks... (that's the power of low ticket)

And then a couple months later...

I had my first 100k month just on low ticket and I haven't looked back since.

*this DOES NOT include the 430k I sold in coaching packages and DFY services over the next 6 weeks (took wires for that)

To NOW doing consistent 500k months and scaling my entire education company to 8 figures in due time (as seen above)

And I currently run 4 low ticket offers that get 100+ buyers a day EACH..

YES, EACH. (that's 400+ front end buyers a day).... ;)

Including the one you're on right now...

And I've refined this exact system over the last 3 years...

So that you could have the BEST PRODUCT possible.

I put 3 years of testing offers.

I put 3 years into testing landing pages.

I put 3 years into testing ad platforms.

I put 3 years and $30M in ad spend.

AND got a whopping average ROAS of 4:1 historically across 90+ niches using this exact system so you can crush it (proof below right from our tracking software)

Here's How You're Going to Launch Your Low Ticket Offer in 3 Easy Steps As Soon As Today:


Pick Your Low Ticket Offer From Our Proven List of Low Ticket Products For You to Swipe That Would Be Congruent / Valuable to Your Niche (We Have a Video That Explains and Gives You Help on This)


After Duplicating Our EXACT Landing Page Template, Just Fill In The Blank With Your Product/Offer and Drag and Drop a Couple Elements and You're Ready!


Pick Your Creative Templates, Drag and Drop Some Pictures / Logo and Then Use Our Fill-In-The-Blank Ad Copy and Drop it in Your Ads Manager or Post Organically and START SEEING SALES DAY 1!

Now.. What's Included in Low Ticker Starter Kit:


  • Our Proven List of High Converting Low Ticket Products You Can Choose From, Fill In The Bank, and Start Selling (Backed by $30M of Ad Spend On Our Behalf)

  • Import Our EXACT Landing Page We Use To Sell Low Ticket Products That UNIVERSALLY Works in ANY Niche, The Order Form Pages, and READY For You To Send Traffic To As Soon as Today...

  • Copy and Paste a Winning Ad Creative Template From Our Proven Library, Fill in Your Logo and Line-by-Line Offer and Launch Your First AD in the Next 24 Hours

  • Along With Your Winning Ad Creative, We Give You The Fill-In-The-Blank Ad Copy That Goes Hand and Hand With The Creative.

Frequently Asked Questions

Who is Jason Wojo again?

Jason Wojo is an NY Weekly Magazine 30 Under 30 Advertising Expert who is responsible for scaling 58+ 7 and 8 figure businesses around the world. And now, he's tapping into his 'Inner Circle' to let regular business owners and people get access to the exact advertising hacks he’s used to scale these 7 and 8 figure companies.

What is included in the starter kit?

We are giving you the exact list of proven low ticket products, the exact landing page we use that's drag and drop, a library of ad creative templates you can fill-in-the-blank and launch along with the EXACT ad copy to go with the creative and MUCH MUCH MORE :)

Can I use this even i I don't run ads?

Yes, of course! The amount of organic traffic our offers get are INSANE and even getting 1-2 extra organic warm buyers a day is 60 buyers a month... let's say 10 book a call and you closed 3 of them for high ticket. I just made you WAY MORE than $27 haha

Who created The Low Ticket Starter Kit?

Jason Wojo himself is the one who curates, writes and ideates these low ticket offers, landing pages, creatives and copy so that you could beat the learning curve. He's been a leader and authority in the space for 5+ years now and doesn't plan on stopping anytime soon at just the age of 26.

Where will I receive the starter kit?

Jason will instantly send an email within 30 seconds of ordering and it will include a google doc link for you to access with all the instructions and links/assets you need to get started, and there will also be a link on the page after your order is complete to save the link as well if you want even faster access.

Is there a cost to this?

$27 - if you don't want to pay $27 for this MASSIVE value, I really have no solution for you.... it's less than dinner.... your phone bill... even a t-shirt at your favorite clothing store nowadays haha just grab it.

Is there any kind of guarantee?

Yes, if you use our starter kit, launch your low ticket offer and you don't see sales, you get your $27 refunded and $100 for wasting your time. To get the $100 and refund you must have proof you ACTUALLY launched the offer and didn't just do it 50% to get the $100 for free haha and email me and I'll gladly reward the refund + $100 same-day.

How do I get started?

Click the blue button below!

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